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When was the last time you spent an hour with your doctor?

When was the last time you spent an hour with your doctor?
I recently performed my first 4th trimester home visit!

The family and I spent an unrushed 90 minutes together.

I reviewed mom's and baby's history in detail, examined both mom and baby, and screened them for the most common issues we see in the 4th trimester.

I also performed a lactation consultation to assist mom and baby in feeding effectively and comfortably.

Dad and big brother were also involved in the visit and I offered them support during this transition!

Having the time to do all this is crucial in my delivering the highest level of care and service!

Spending the extra time and attention allows me to thoroughly address any questions or concerns a family has and to ensure I have fully considered all avenues of diagnosis and treatment.

Extended appointments

My well child checkups are routinely scheduled for an hour.

This allows us to completely review your child's health and development in the last year since their last checkup.

School performance, behavior, eating habits, exercise, sleep, and more are discussed.

Parent questions and concerns are thoughtfully considered and answered.

I engage your child in the visit and make sure they feel involved in their health care.

Behavior consultations

During a checkup, I've spent extra time chatting with parents about the challenging behavior they've experienced with their teenager, involving the teenager herself in the conversation.

We chatted in a non-judgmental, collaborative, and problem-solving way that allowed everyone to be heard and understood.

They came back the next visit stating that their relationship was much improved.

Parental support

A mom shared with me during her baby's checkup that she was having a hard time with thoughts that she was not being a good mom.

I reassured her that her thoughts were common and that she was not alone in thinking and feeling that way.

I also offered resources for her to seek further assistance and support.

Most importantly, I tried to validate and empathize with what she was going through.

Mental health support and coaching

I've spent 45 minutes with a teenager, counseling her on a stressful situation in school that was causing a lot of anxiety.

I coached her on how to manage her thoughts and emotions around the situation.

The relief on her face after she made a breakthrough in her mindset was so rewarding.

Complex care coordination

Whenever I see a child with complex healthcare needs, I take the time to thoroughly review specialist and therapist visits that have occurred since their last visit with me.

I ensure that their overall healthcare is well-coordinated and that no stones have been left unturned.

Between visits, I communicate with their parents whenever new issues arise and carefully consider how this new information correlates with their history.

Breastfeeding medicine/lactation consultation

I recently spent two hours counseling and examining a mom/baby couplet who was struggling with supply and feeding concerns.

We went over a detailed pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and feeding history and reviewed all the possibilities that may have contributed to their current situation.

We brainstormed possible solutions and paths of action, selecting the ones that most fit with mom's goals.

We made sure the plan would be sustainable and manageable for her overall physical and mental health.

Mom left the visit feeling validated in her instincts, confident that her chosen course of action fit with her goals, and with the peace of mind that she had evaluated all her options.

If you would like your family to receive the most detailed, empathetic, and attentive care, join Blossom today!

I look forward to your joining the Blossom family. See you on the other side!


Dr. Chan is a pediatrician in Houston, TX. She provides in-depth pediatric care, in-home postpartum and newborn care, extensive lactation support, and expert tongue-tie treatment.

* Any information contained in this blog post is for educational and informative purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Individual results and experiences may vary; no guarantee of specific clinical outcomes is implied by any statements made on this blog.

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