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World IBCLC Day - March 2, 2022

World IBCLC Day - March 2, 2022

I realized this morning that I missed posting on the day itself, but better late than never!

Yesterday I was picking up my vomiting kid from school, getting Pedialyte popsicles and rapid COVID tests from CVS, and succumbing to the same gastro-bug later that night.

This morning, as my poor stomach is recovering from the trials of last night, I am reflecting on what World IBCLC Day means to me.

First of all, I have to give tribute to the lactation consultant who has made the most impact on my life – Leah Jolly, IBCLC, of Bay Area Breastfeeding and Education.

As mentioned in previous posts, she swooped in on a Sunday when I was desperately trying to feed a baby, who despite my best efforts, had lost too much weight.

She listened compassionately to my birth story, decisively made a plan for moving forward, and patiently explained the pertinent basics of breastfeeding education that I needed in that moment.

Without her, the pain and difficulties of breastfeeding would have seemed insurmountable in my mind.

I knew without a doubt that I wanted to exhaust all avenues to continue breastfeeding, so her knowledgeable help was a welcome relief to my confused and worried postpartum mind.

With her assistance, I was able to continue breastfeeding both of my kids until we weaned at 26 months.

Not only did she help me on my personal breastfeeding journey, she’s been a part of my professional one as well.

She gave me resources to prepare for the lactation consultant board certification exam and has been a cheerleader and professional sounding board in my breastfeeding medicine and tongue-tie practice.

I still remember the whirlwind trip we took together to Portland, OR, to shadow Dr. Bobby Ghaheri in his tongue-tie practice. We had fun, bonded, AND learned a ton.

I'm proud to call her both a colleague and lifelong friend.

I'm so thankful to have been on this journey, both as a mom and as a lactation professional. I love being a part of families' journeys in the 4th trimester. I love helping tongue-tied babies feed better, so that their families get relief. I love what I do!

Lactation consultants can be such an important part of our early postpartum journeys and beyond. Wish the ones in your life a happy (belated) World IBCLC Day!


Dr. Chan is a pediatrician in Houston, TX. She provides in-depth pediatric care, in-home postpartum and newborn care, extensive lactation support, and expert tongue-tie treatment.

* Any information contained in this blog post is for educational and informative purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Individual results and experiences may vary; no guarantee of specific clinical outcomes is implied by any statements made on this blog.

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